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tim den performing at brewing for comedy tuesdays
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Welcome to Brewing For Comedy Tuesdays your weekly ticket to uproarious entertainment at Craft Heads Brewing Co. Every Tuesday, the stage comes alive with a fresh ensemble of comedic talent, ready to serve up an evening of wit, humor, and unforgettable moments.

Our show is a carefully curated blend of emerging comedians and seasoned performers, offering a balanced mix that keeps the energy high and the laughs rolling. With surprise appearances from touring pros that add an extra dash of excitement, no two shows are alike, ensuring a new experience with every visit.

Your hosts for the evening, Rob Kemeny and Paul Montanier, bring their own brand of comedic brilliance to the stage. These dynamic hosts, who boast impressive credentials including appearances at prestigious festivals such as Windsor Comedy Fest, Thunderbay Comedy Fest, Laughfest, and Paul Bunyan Comedy Fest, know how to set the tone for an evening filled with side-splitting humor.

And that's not all! Our lineup features an array of comedic talent that leaves a lasting impression. Look forward to the hilarious stylings of  Scott Gaughan, Justin Pedick, Billy Squires, Isaac Mulder, and a host of other comedic misfits that join us from all over the place.

Whether you're a seasoned comedy enthusiast or a newcomer looking for a night of genuine laughter, Brewing For Comedy Tuesdays promises an exceptional experience in the heart of Craft Heads Brewing Co. Bring your friends, your sense of humor, and an appetite for laughter – we'll take care of the rest.

Join us every Tuesday for an evening that's crafted to perfection, where laughter is the special of the day!

scott gaughan performing at windsor comedy club
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