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Amateur Hour:


Unfiltered Open Mic Comedy at Craft Heads Brewing Company. Experience unfiltered comedy at "Amateur Hour," the open mic night hosted at Craft Heads Brewing Company. Join new and seasoned comedians for an authentic and straightforward evening of laughs.

What to Expect:


Amateur Hour provides a platform for comedians, whether first-timers or veterans, to showcase new material and connect with an audience that values genuine humor. Get ready for a mix of refined and raw performances, offering insights into the comedy creation process.

Show Up, Go Up:


Our show-up, go-up approach ensures a diverse lineup, spanning from well-crafted jokes to evolving material. Prepare for unfiltered comedic moments, genuine reactions, and spontaneous laughter triggered by unexpected punchlines.

After the Proshows:


 Amateur Hour follows our weekend proshows, offering an alternate comedic experience. Extend your stay, unwind, and immerse yourself in the world of open mic comedy.

Dave Squeaky wheelz
audience at windsor comedy club

Authentic and Honest:


Amateur Hour celebrates authenticity and embraces imperfections. With no cover charge and no frills, it's a straightforward opportunity to share laughter with fellow comedy enthusiasts.

Join us at Craft Heads Brewing Company for "Amateur Hour," where the stage is open, the laughter is genuine, and the experience is memorable.

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