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Prepare for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter at the "Financially Terrified" stand-up comedy tour, headlined by the dynamic duo of Paul Montanier and Billy Squires. With the unfortunate cancellation of this year's Just for Laughs festival, we're thrilled to bring you a night of comedy gold right here in London, Ontario.

Date & Time: April 5th, 2024, starting promptly at 8:30 PM
Cost: $20

Paul Montanier, Co-Founder and Senior Producer of Brewing for Comedy and the Windsor Comedy Club, has been a pivotal figure in shaping the comedy landscape for over a decade. From humble beginnings as a door guy at a comedy club to winning accolades such as Next Best Comic, Paul's journey is nothing short of remarkable. With a knack for dry wit and expertly crafted material, Paul has graced stages at renowned festivals like including Windsor Comedy Festival, Chatham Comedy Festival, Thunder Bay Comedy Festival, Paul Bunyan Comedy Festival, Motor City Comedy Festival, and Gilda's Laughfest, sharing the spotlight with comedy icons like Randy and Lahey from the Trailer Park Boy, Hans Kim,
Mike MacDonald, Dave Meherje, Kevin Farley, and Ian Bagg.

He also was able to sneak backstage at chrystler theater and ended up having dinner with norm macdonald. But that had nothing to do with his comedic talent. He was just sneaky.

Billy Squires, another prodigious talent hailing from Windsor Comedy Club, brings his infectious charm and quick wit to every performance. As a producer at Windsor Comedy Club, Billy has been instrumental in curating unforgettable comedic experiences for audiences on both sides of the border. Whether opening for Randy and Lahey or captivating audiences at prestigious showcases like the African Princes of Comedy, the 2017 Border City Comedy Festival finals, the kingpin of Comedy competition in Grand Rapids Michigan, and has been featured on Kenny Robinsons Nubian Comedy Revue in Toronto, Canada. Billy's comedic genius knows no bounds. You can find this anime and basketball enthusiast spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes.

This tour is proudly brought to you by the producers of Windsor Comedy Club, a beacon of laughter in the Windsor comedy scene since its inception. From their humble beginnings as a biweekly open mic inside Craft Heads Brewing Co. to hosting renowned events like the Brewing For Comedy Festival, Windsor Comedy Club has consistently delivered top-notch entertainment. With a diverse lineup of shows, including the Weekly Tuesday Brewing For Comedy Flagship and ProAm showcases featuring headliners from across North America, Windsor Comedy Club continues to elevate the art of stand-up comedy.They have Produced a number of events such as their yearly Can drive for the downtown windsor mission, Live tapings for the Windsor Comedy Festival Next Best Comic competition and in 2023 Began Producing a comedy festival "windsor's Brewing For Comedy Festival" Which spannned over 13 Shows, with 1500 Audience members with Best of the Fest
being held in the capital theater for roughly 600 attendes, after the festival the Windsor Comedy Club was born and has hosted acts from HBO, Comedy Central, Just For Laughs, Netflix, Huluu and more!

Don't miss your chance to be part of this comedy extravaganza. Grab your tickets now for the "Financially Terrified" tour, and let Windsor Comedy Club whisk you away on a laughter-filled journey you won't soon forget.

Comedy Club Rules

  1. Respectful Audience Etiquette: To ensure a smooth and enjoyable show for all, please refrain from heckling, interrupting the performers, or filming them. Let's create a supportive environment.

  2. Seating and Enjoyment: No assigned seating; we may invite you to move closer for a better experience.

  3. Responsible Enjoyment: Enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly and show appreciation for our hardworking staff by tipping your bartender for their excellent service.

  4. No Smoking/Vaping: No smoking or vaping inside.

Brewing for Comedy Proshow

Brought to you by Windsor Comedy Club, your premier destination for Windsor stand-up comedy. Enjoy hilarious performances without any drink minimum requirements. To ensure a timely start, kindly arrive before the showtime. If you're interested in performing, head to the Amateur Hour page on our website. Join us for a fantastic date night filled with laughter and entertainment. Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates, news, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What's the age requirement for the event? Our comedy events are 19+ to ensure a mature and enjoyable atmosphere. Valid ID is required.

  2. Is there a dress code? No dress code! Just come as you are and get ready for a hilarious night in downtown Windsor, Ontario.

  3. Where can I park near the venue? Downtown Windsor offers free parking after 6:00 PM. Find street parking and nearby lots within walking distance of the comedy club for a convenient evening of entertainment.

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